"I began working with Pizza Hut when I was 15 years old at the Margarte, FL restaurant. I worked for 10 years with a franchise group before Pizza Hut, Inc. acquired them in 1991. I then worked for 10 years with Pizza Hut, Inc. After spending seven years with another restaurant organization, I was offered an ownership interest with a private equity group looking to purchase Pizza Hut restaurants in the Southern California area. I feel like I am back at home now, where I belong.

"I enjoy the entire Pizza Hut organization. There are many passionate people – both on the franchise and company side. It’s a great brand, plus I love pizza! The support we receive from the organization is top notch. Our Franchise Business Representative, Human Resources group and training support staff are always in our market helping and challenging us to improve. Other departments within Pizza Hut have also been great when we have needed their help. They care about their franchise partners."
- Jerry Ardizzone, Corona, CA, Pizza Hut franchisee since 2008

"Before I was a franchisee with Pizza Hut, I began in Operations. I was a manager, Area Coach, District Manager, Franchise Representative and Director of Franchising at the Restaurant Support Center. Finally after 25 years with the company, I became a franchisee.

"We tackle tough, every day issues and yield satisfaction from the rewards that come with the hard work. We focus much effort on growing sales and we have been extremely successful over the last 12 years."
- Mike Baird, McKinney, TX, Pizza Hut franchisee since 1998

"I fully trust the leadership and the decisions Pizza Hut makes for continued category leadership. It’s not just buying into a leader today, but you expect and trust them to be in that position in the coming years.

"When you think about investing your money and expecting a solid return for the unforeseeable future, a product or company that leads a category of huge portions has been and will be a powerful catalyst where you should invest. Working and investing in the food service industry is also a noble cause for mankind."
- Jerry Buss, Pittsburgh, PA, Pizza Hut franchisee since 2006

"Customer Mania is something you have to work on every day to be successful. It is something that really needs to come from within each person. We can train parts of it, but ultimately, it has to be part of a person’s DNA. We talk about what it means at every meeting, in most conversations and we include Mania stories on every call and lead off with a story at each meeting. You cannot afford to walk by a situation where Customer Mania was not exhibited and not discuss how it could have been better executed.

"I grew up in the Pizza Hut business. I enjoy the camaraderie of the people. Whether they are old time franchisees, new franchisees or PHI representatives, they have a passion for the business and for taking care of their teams and customers. It is and has been stated many times; Pizza Hut is a "one of a kind brotherhood."
- Kent Colvin, Liberal, KS, Pizza Hut franchisee since 1962

"Pizza Hut is the biggest and best in the pizza industry. To me, having the Pizza Hut name on my business is a great achievement. People know the Pizza Hut name; therefore they know my business. Pizza Hut has a great corporate support team. During my opening, and since, the support has been fabulous. The operational training was great.

"Pizza Hut looks out for their franchisees. They don't allow new stores to be placed too close together as I’ve seen with other brands. They have their franchisee’s best interest in mind. I see Pizza Hut as a brand my family and I can grow with together to help meet our dreams!"
- Moni Patel, West Haverstraw, NY, Pizza Hut franchisee since 2009